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The microblading process applies pigments into sparse areas of the brow via the microblade to create additional hair-like strokes where needed. This process adds beauty and dimension to the shape of the brow and highlights one of the beautiful components on the face… your eyes!


Microblading can also be reffered as:
  • 3D Brows
  • Hair Strokes
  • Brow Strokes
  • Feather Brow
  • 6D Eyebrows
  • Semi permanent makeup
  • Hand tool method
  • Brow strokes

Microblading Artist

Angel Probyn is the owner of Pearl Hair Salon and has been a successful cosmetologist for 10 years.  With her extreme attention to detail and Microblading's growing popularity, she was confident that adding this service to her professional repertoire would be a great decision.  She also understands the importance of a great education, therefore, taking no shortcuts with her Microblading training and certification. She traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to train with world renowned Microblade Artist and Instructor Patty Willardsen at 3D Brows Academy, where she was vigorously and carefully educated about all the ins and outs of Microblading including proper methods, multiple techniques, shading, previous brow tattoo removal, and everything else necessary in becoming an amazing Microblade Artist. She is Bloodeborne Pathogen Certified and takes extreme measures concerning sanitation and safety for all of her clients.


  • Initial session
  • First touch-up
    4 to 8 weeks after initial session
  • Touch-ups / Color booster
    8+ weeks after initial session

Add-On Services

  • Shading
  • Removal (per session)
    Removes previous artist's tattoing

The first Touch-up is absolutely essential to perfect microbladed brows.

Yearly touch-ups are typically all that is needed to maintain your perfect microbladed brows. However, under some circumstances additional touch-ups may be needed.

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